15th Fastnachtsturnier (carnival tournament) Mainz, 23.02.2019

Who is allowed to take part in the ballroom/latin tournament?

All dancers from student/university dance teams, dancing schools, or any other kind of dance sport groups. Dancers who have or had a tournament license for German C-class (or aquivalent) are not allowed to participate. However, dancers who only have or had a tournament license (Startbuch) in one section (e.g. ballroom) and have never danced higher than C-class (or equivalent) are allowed to take part in the other section (i.e. latin, and vice versa).

Dancers who have got a tournament license for tournament class D and/or compete in formation dancing (Regional League), or who own a comparable license, are permitted to compete in the respective discipline, but not with their own (tournament or formation) partner. In addition, in order to keep up the Breitensport spirit, we suggest he or she compete as a “mixed couple” (partnering with a pure Breitensport partner), if possible. If someone can not find a suitable partner, we request you to notify us early, so that we can help you find someone suitable.

Participation fee is 10 € per couple (regardless of the number of registered dances). Registration deadline is February 8th, 2019.

There will be an additional deposit of 5 € for the starting numbers that will be returned in the evening. It is not possible to pay the deposit in advance.

We also offer a (gym) sleeping hall space for free and breakfast for approx. 10 € per person.

In order to facilitate the organization, we kindly ask you to transfer the registration fee within one week after registration. (Transaction details will follow via e-mail after registration.) Registration is only completed after the fee has been transferred. Any transfers not arriving on time will be sanctioned with an additional fee of 5 € .

Cancellations must be made before February 8th, 2019, otherwise the registration fee cannot be returned.

In order to simplify our planning, there will be a separate registration for the tournament and evening event this year. You will find the corresponding registration forms under the following links:

Tournament Registration
Evening Event Registration